Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bye Bye Slashdot

Slashdot, if you're reading this, take notice! Yeah, right, as if they care about what I think! It could be I'm a drop in the bucket, but perhaps there are a lot of drops falling into the pail.

I'm quitting Slashdot because it is just too frustrating to try to read user comments, no matter how inciteful, using their interface. Their original interface (circa 1997) is better than the current offering! Compared to competitor reddit, it's interface is in the stone age. Slashdot is going to be a remnant of the early internet if they don't adapt. Their first competitor, digg, is a fading memory in the rear view mirror. reddit looks to be a long term survivor. It has interesting features, especially when using the greasemonkey based "reddit enhancement suite."

It also appears that reddit has dealt with crashes and downtime due to the cpu/storage intensive requirements of generating the website. I will probably continue to read the Slashdot headlines, out of habit, but I think I'm done commenting at all. The reddit board and its "subreddits" are poised to be another nail in the coffin of not only slashdot, but the venerable usenet protocol as well.

Update 2011-09-05: Wow! Taco Resigned within a couple of weeks after this post. Maybe, somebody is listening. ;) Yeah, right! original slashdot story

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