Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video blogging is taking off

You don't need a film contract or have your band signed to a record label to be famous anymore. You can DIY (do it for yourself) and upload your video/audio to the internet. Right now, the barriers to entry for producing your own content are so low that all that is necessary is having a digital camera with video capability. Oh, and having some ideas to put out there helps a lot, too. The problem of how to stand out from the crowd remains tricky, though. Here are some I've stumbled upon, and they seem to have growing fan bases to support them:

Update: 2011-05-01
All Things Considered recently reported that in some cases Youtube shares the wealth with real cash to popular channels. Here is a link to the story, (mp3).

Update: 2011-05-16
Added Daily Grace's conversation with Lady Gaga.

Update: 2011-05-20
Link another DG video.

Update: 2011-05-23
Add Amy Walker accent video.

Update: 2011-06-05
Add note about meekakitty on Wait, Wait.

Update: 2011-06-10
Link another DG video.

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  1. Doug - I agree. Great post.

    There are a number of reasons the experts feel video can help profits -- the most prevalent being that people are more prone to purchase from people they are familiar with and feel they can trust. Video can help bring that familiarity.

    However, one video isn't enough in the long run. Instead, a series of videos will improve the bottom line of a small business pretty quickly. The series can link from one to another such as part 1, part 2 and so on. Alternatively, creating multiple videos that are on the same topic but are not incorporated with one another is also a good way to get your brand known.