Friday, April 1, 2011

Hits the proverbial nail...

Yesterday, Diane Rehm interviewed Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont. They discuss the shift of the center of the political spectrum toward the right. Sanders hits a lot of right notes in this interview- I'd vote for him. He voiced the opposition to extending the Bush era tax cuts; explains the extent to which wealth is being concentrated by the few; the destruction of the middle class; the decimation of the manufacturing labor base; the bailouts for the rich at the expense of the poor; and he doesn't spare our president. Sanders notes how much of missed opportunity we've had with him not living up to the promise for "change." Instead we've gotten a lot more of the same. By postponing taking a stand, we're just catering to the interests of the rich. If you weren't cynical about this country before, then you should be! We were wrong thinking that business doesn't control this country- the Supreme Court drove the point home, just in case we missed it.

Definitely worth listening to.


Socialism never took root in America
because the poor see themselves
not as an exploited proletariat,
but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

--John Steinbeck

Update: 2011-05-01
Sanders appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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