Monday, March 28, 2011

Recently watched movies

First viewing:
Easy A, clip
Lenny, lost out to Godfather II for best picture 1975.
Song of Bernadette, best actress 1944
Get Low
The Kid Stays in the Picture
Ed Wood, Tim Burton directs.
Mademoiselle Chambon
Eyes Wide Shut
A History of Violence, origin from a graphic novel evident.
The Fighter

The China Syndrome, topical...a definitive role for Lemmon.
Paper Moon...I want my two hundred dollars!

I will probably update this page with more comments...

Update: 2011-04-03
A Time for Burning The opening scene where Chambers is cutting hair sets the stage. In his opening speech with the preacher, he presents an indictment and vents a lot of pent up frustration. His speech is like a march- every sentence moves forward advancing ideas, point after point. In the end, Chambers has taken so much ground that the preacher has no choice but to retreat, literally out of the door. The movie is about how the preacher regroups and decides to continue to follow his conscience, even though Chambers predictions end up being prophetic. Still relevant for our time.

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