Friday, May 7, 2010

Life will find a way...even if it is a weed.

Check out the NY Times article, Invasion of the Super Weeds.

Most especially, Michael Pollan's response.

The NY Times graphic shows the resistant weed, Palmer's Amaranth, aka, common redroot. Yeah, they're out in the yard. We had a close relative, an ornamental amaranthis, in the yard one year. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I think I moved them early in their early development. They fell over sick and nearly died. The funny thing is they came back later in the year with different morphology. The neighbors thought they were more like trees, than annuals. Of course, Janice's ornamental plume poppy is the champ in the annual vertical growth- maybe from zero to ten feet tall in a single season. The amaranthis was nowhere near that, but still provided some significant challenges to the chipper. The NY Times notes that the mature amaranthis can damage cultivating equipment. Just got to get 'em while they're small.

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