Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sighted, a clutch of rare birds : neocon hawkus gallus

I went kayaking in the salt marshes of Sea Island, Georgia last Thursday. The departure point was the Cloister Hotel. While kayaking, we saw some beautiful sea birds (all illustrations from other sources):

Brown Pelican
Snowy Egret

However, the rarest birds were seen immediately after leaving the salt marsh. As walking through the hotel lobby, I spotted an entire clutch of neocon hawkus gallus, more well known as the "common chicken hawk."

Karl Rove
Bill Kristol

In retrospect, the sighting wasn't that rare or spectacular. Rove and Kristol were in "their natural habitat." Really, is there a better location to troll for right-wing groupies? They could impress potential mates by crowing about the hosting of the 30th annual G8 summit.

It's just too bad these birds are still allowed to so freely and casually wade about. They barely got their feet muddy at all-- the public has such a short memory. In the end, no one paid the price for the outing of Valerie Plame; no one paid the price for the lies leading to the Iraq war;
or for violating the Geneva War Convention; or for being active participants in nearly causing the

collapse of the entire foundation of the world financial system.

It's just too bad they continue to enjoy their "natural habitat," when they should all have been cast out, and many should be doing time in another habitat instead, a federal prison.

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