Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sister Dottie...

On Monday, we went to see the play at the Rose Wagner Theater. One thing is clear: it's only a stone's throw distance from Spanish Fark to American Fark. The play is staged as a monologue, but it includes some filmed sequences where Dottie gives lessons in both the local dialect and in Mormon doctrine. These are very quick, but entirely adequate explanations, similar to where "Sister Mary Ignacious" explains Catholic dogma. Overall, it was very impressive show, especially "Dottie's" ability to stay in the dialect for the entire 120 minutes.

I liked the part where Donnie ran away from home to a "sin city" and phoned home. Everyone expected the call to be from San Francisco, but the irony was that he was calling from Salt Lake City--

    "Salt Lake City! Stay close to the temple, and you'll be alright. Me and your dad will be right there ta git ya."

Sister Dottie's website


Sister Dottie is recognized as Utahn of the Year.

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